Thunder in Paradise Bike Show

On the road again!  This Saturday, Calico Creations will be visiting Loudonville, OH for the Thunder in Paradise Bike Show.  We will be there all day from 9:00am to 9:00pm so come by anytime and check out the Calico Creations candle display.  It’s a great chance to get test the scents before you buy!


Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With only one week until Father’s Day, shoppers are up against the gun!  If you haven’t picked out a special item for the Dad in your life, I urge you to check out these gifts created either by myself or by my Twitter followers.

#10 – Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach 3-Wick Tin

This gift sits in a beautiful, masculine case.  Makassar Ebony & Peach is a blend of warm ebony and rich mahogany with mirabelle peach.

Presented by @CandlesOffMain



#9 – Pair of Caribbean Coconut Scented Candles in Vintage Glasses

This pair of candles may not be the most masculine, but the scent of Caribbean coconut works for everyone.  Who doesn’t love a good Pina Colada?  This can transform any area into a tropical dream land.

Presented by @Vintagebcandles



#8 – Wooden Incense Smoke Boat – Blue

I absolutely love this beautiful boat.  This hand carved boat would look great in any office or den for the Dad’s that are looking to class up the joint.  A beautiful product!

Presented by @Hot_Radish_Ltd



#7 – Set of 6 Citronella Tea Lights

These citronella candles are fantastic for any guy who loves the outdoors.  If your Dad loves sitting outside on the enjoying a cup of coffee, these citronella candles will go a long way to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

Presented by @Caroleol



#6 – Antica Farmacista Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin 100ml Petite Diffuser

The scent of bourbon should get any man’s attention.  The sweet richness of warm Vanilla is paired with Mandarin of Sicily, a crisp full-bodied citrus fragrance. This is a great gift for any father looking for a glass of Evan Williams.

Presented by @CandlesOffMain


#5 – Fresh Brewed Coffee

Most Dad’s I know have to start the day with a good cup of fresh brewed coffee.  No Dad will be able to resist lighting this candle in the morning.  It will make your kitchen more fragrant than brewing a full pot!  Mug style may vary.

Presented by @TheCandlemaker



#4 – Cafe Mocha

If your Dad like the Fresh Brewed Coffee, odds are that he’ll love the more decadent Cafe Mocha. The aroma off of this soy candle will give you that caffeine rush with just the right amount of chocolate to get your morning’s kick started.

Presented by @TheCandlemaker


#3 – S’mores

Fresh off the campfire, this candle combines three flavorful scents: graham cracker, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow. The camper Dad will be transformed to days back to building fires and telling ghost stories to his kids.  Enjoy all of the scents without the gooey hands!

Presented by @TheCandlemaker


#2 – Smell My Nuts

If that title doesn’t scream Dad than what does?  The complex combination of banana nut, toasted hazelnut, and coconut of warms any room.  Plus, the Dad with the sense of humor won’t be able to get enough!

Presented by @TheCandlemaker



#1 – Hillybilly Beer

There is no question that this is the undisputed #1 gift for Dad.  Coming home from a hard day at work any Dad would love to kick back with hoppy scent of a Hilly Billy Beer.  Watch the stress melt away!

Presented by @TheCandlemaker



Interested in getting your gifts shown here?  Contact us here!

Black Star Tea Cup

The Black Star Tea Cup blends the femininity and elegance of tea drinking with the masculine scent of Dude.  As our friends over at Vanilla and Lime said during their recent review of our product, “Ladies, you know when a gorgeous man walks by you and you breathe in the smell of his muscles, cologne and manliness? Well that’s what “Dude” smells like, it made us weak in the knees. We imagine it’s what Michael Fassbender smells like.”

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My Display at Loudonville Arts & Craft Show

I can’t believe it has already been a week, but I had taken a picture of my set up at the Loudonville craft show and I wanted to post it on here.  I’m been so busy concocting new candles I had forgotten to post it!  Now you all know what to look for!  Try and find that giant kitty poster board!  That’s where I will be.

Tomorrow, you can find this exact set up in Nashville, OH!

Calico Creations in Nashville, OH on June 9!

I’m hitting the road again.  This time you can find Calico Creations at the Nashville Fire Department’s 3rd Semi-Annual Health and Safety Festival.  I figure there is no better place to light a lot of candles than a safety festival put on by the fire department!!!

Come out and find Calico Creations this weekend in Nashville, OH at the Nashville Church of Christ from 1-6pm!

Awareness Tea Cup

The other day, a co-worker of mine came into the office looking for sponsorship for the Relay for Life.  This happened at the same time that I found these beautiful breast cancer awareness tea cups.  I decided to do my part and help promote breast cancer awareness the best way I know how, by making candles!  I used magnolia to fill the tea cups and the combination worked beautifully.

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