Smelly Paws

Ever wish you could find an air freshener in your favorite scent …. No Worries now you can … We just added Smelly Paws to our line up .

These are crafted at the time of order so that you get the longest lasting scent .

Be sure and get yours , you can choose your Smelly Paws

Satisfied Customer

There is nothing more exciting then getting a message from a new customer , that they received their order  :

Got my package and I could smell the Blueberry Muffins through the box . She loved them so much that she sent me picture of how she displayed them , so of course I had to ask if I could share them for everyone else to enjoy and maybe inspire other customers .

She purchased the Basket full Muffins , she didn’t want the basket  , because she had her own idea of display so  I told her that I would throw in a couple extra muffin in place of the basket ………