I started making candles when a friend showed me how. I found that anyone can melt wax and pour it in a plain old Mason jars.
But me NO I wanted to take it a step further and tried making them to match their scent:
Blueberry Muffin to resemble a Muffin with the scent of real blueberries!
Cola in an old-fashioned Coke glass
Orange Cream Cupcake – Yep you guessed it just like a Cupcake
People loved the unique, realistic look and scent of my candles, so I took a chance and started my own business right in my own kitchen:
Today known as
Calico Creations!
Many people ask why I chose the name Calico Creations, and it’s simple:
I’m a very superstitious person! As a little girl, I grew up in Hocking County in Washington Township on Calico Ridge. Eighteen years ago, I came back to Ohio with my husband and three boys. We decided to settle here and bought property in Holmes County in Washington Township on Calico Road.
Because of that, I knew that the business name had to have Calico in it – hence
Calico Creations!
And not to mention I love Calico Cat’s and Kittens 

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